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Whether you are seeking inspiring, motivating, encouraging, empowering video messages, for women by a women, or you love inspiring interviews with Change Agents, Difference Makers, Action Takers - the kind of 'unsung s/hero' everyday Global Citizen who is committing to bringing change to the world - you will find a video message to meet your needs, right here, on these two YouTube Channels, both hosted by Terri Mitchell

Motivation for Women - Vox Femina Voice of Woman

Less masculine 'ra-ra' and celebrity influencer, and more of the real, compassionate, sensitive, and empowering message by Terri Mitchell - Confidence Coach, Professional Speaker, and Workshop Presenter.

Whether you need reminding never to give up, or that you don't need to compare yourself to others, or that you are worthy of Self-Love, there is a message for you, here on Vox Femina.

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Voice on Fire
Interviews with Intention

If you are inspired and uplifted by stories of achievement, action, of people making a difference, of change agents doing something to make this world a better place for you and your children and family, you will find a topic and an interview covering almost every fascinating, important topic. 

From Youth Leadership, to First Nations Justice, to Mental Health, and Women's Mindset, and so many more interesting subjects of discussion.

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