Terri Mitchell is an articulate and engaging story-sharer 

whose life careers have crossed the mental health, corporate, retail and aged care sectors. She can easily adapt her messages to suit your audience through informative, sensitive and at times, confronting messages that reach into the hearts and souls of your audience to positively change their minds and perceptions, and help them break through challenges to reach their potential. 

Her talks are especially designed to address issues of

bullying, social exclusion, judgemental attitudes and other pervasive negative human interactions, in a stirring and inspiring delivery with relatable stories, appropriate humour 

and facts to help the messages truly sink in.

Terri speaks on topics related to behaviour, judgement and bullying, as well as confidence, empowerment, the power of voice and overcoming fear, to become a stronger version of self. She also shares some of her traumatic personal story, 

with insights and learnings for her audience.

Speaking Topics Include:

  • First Impressions - Do they really count?

  • Invisible - Finding Voice, Speaking Up.

  • Own Your Voice, Own Your Power.


Terri Mitchell's coaching style is quite unique, deeply transformative, and effective. From the first Coaching Connection call, you'll discover how comfortable you feel sharing your story because Terri listens and validates you, letting you know you matter. You'll also notice how Terri focuses on clearing "stuck" energy and helping you heal your past so she can help you develop meaningful goals

and evolve into the best new YOU.

You can select individual one hour sessions with Terri, typically weekly or fortnightly. Alternatively, there are two more committed programs: you can select 12 weeks, and the longer 6-months. Whatever you choose, you'll gain personalised, safe deep-dive insights into who and how you are the person you are. 

Terri has a blended style of coaching, and has established this style because of her own lived-experience, professional training and ongoing learning and fascination with brain hacking, neuro-plasticity, and breath work, while also drawing upon her energy identification, vision-interpretation and sensory work. 

Coaching sessions include:

1-hour individual sessions


6-month coaching

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