WHO is Terri Mitchell?


How do I sum up who I am, in a concise way that captures the 50+ years I've "spent" on Earth? 

Let me start with who I was. Or, at least how I once thought of myself:

A chronic under-achiever. A child survivor of all forms of abuse, perpetrated by the very people I was supposed to love and feel safe with: my family.

Through my teen and early adult years, I was frequently anxious, incapable of real communication, speaking at people, about myself, rarely stopped for air, desperate to be heard, yet so often dismissed, ignored, bullied, and overlooked. I suffered detachment, dissociation, and disconnect, driven to suicidal thoughts, failing in my first attempt. I sought help, eventually training as a psychiatric nurse. Through the following decades, I explored healing modalities such as re-birthing, hypnosis, non-dominant hand expression, and energy channeling. I've found my extensive lived- and professional experience and knowledge are strong foundations for my coaching and speaking platforms. In 2018 I became partially disabled after a car accident and subsequent negligent surgery. 

The fun, light-hearted side of me: 

Painting on canvases, creative and professional writing, previously involved in the media as a paid "extra". I've walked hot coals, participated in a fund-raising quest, hosted a Speakers platform (the pic with the balloons), spoken on stages and at front of rooms; I loved cycling, qualified with a trade-cooking certificate and enjoy making up my own recipes, loved restoring or refurbishing vintage furniture, and vegie gardening. Cat-parent to George. 

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