If you are seeking a speaker for your conference or event; if you need a private or group coach, or if you are looking for a workshop presenter for your team, then Terri Mitchell may well be the most suitable professional for your needs.



Topics include Building Confidence, Tackling Bullying and Judgement, the Power of Voice, and Empowerment. Terri shares aspects of her personal story of childhood trauma survival, while also drawing upon her knowledge and experience gained as a psychiatric nurse, in locked wards and 1:1 Acute Crisis settings. 



With a passionate desire to have an impact on as many people as possible, Terri's coaching and mentoring style is deeply personal, focused on peeling back the layers that mask our authentic selves. Terri has a "tough love" style, and does not sugar-coat it. Confronting yet compassionate, Terri pushes you to achieve.



It is often a more effective way to learn a powerful concept, to be in a room with others in an interactive and engaging workshop. Terri can take your teams through 3-hour practical lessons on Confidence, Customer Engagement, Tackling Bullying, and Reclaiming the Power of Self-Worth through Voice, Speaking Up and Owning Self.