Voice on Fire - Interviews with Intention

Voice on Fire:

Sometimes, it requires only one person with a passion who is willing to take the

BIG LEAP of FAITH to make a difference.

Change Makers, Difference Makers, Life Influencers, Action Takers...

amazing, passionate people using the Power of their Voice to create


That's what Voice on Fire is all about.

Terri interviews emerging Change Makers, Difference Makers, Life Influencers, Action Takers from Australia, the UK, US and Canada, Africa, and across the globe -  all Interviews will be loaded to this YouTube Channel -> CLICK HERE 

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Together, in unity, for the greater good, we can all contribute, and we can all make a positive and lasting difference for our fellow human beings, all creatures and our home -- Planet Earth. There is no room for selfishness and greed now. Planet Earth needs us, and we all need each other.

Terri Mitchell