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Lucia Engel

Terri is a very intuitive coach. She is relatable, friendly, and funny. I feel she nails her intuition down on me, and she is very reassuring on the next step I am taking in my process, which will lead to growth. I absolutely recommend her!

Lucia Engel, Self Love Coach, Founder www.facebook.com/theselfloversjourney/

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Vanessa Pe

Terri is open and candid. She has a funny way of dragging me far from the expected sequence of thoughts and topic which is wonderful as I got to expand my vision and perspectives. She has an intuitive ability at noticing the angles of a situation that I missed. Also she is a great initiator and unafraid to share her scars. Her fiery resilience is inspiring. She ignites people to be their best selves. I feel humbled in her presence.

Vanessa Pe, Intuitive Healer and Energy/Chakra Coach

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I discovered Terri online – I’m a member of an international Facebook group for professional speakers and felt drawn to contact her after reading some of her posts and researching her business. My intuition was spot on. I’m very interested in self-development and have tried and use various modalities on the journey towards my goals. But I knew I needed one-on-one coaching to reveal what I couldn’t yet see.

Over the past few months of working with Terri, I’ve felt supported, understood, inspired, challenged, and cared for during this time. I feel so reassured by the progress I’m making that I’ve signed up for a further six months.

If you’re looking for a coach who is intuitive, straight talking, experienced and caring – you’ve found her!

I’m so glad I followed the ‘nudge’ from my intuition and reached out to Terri to see if there was a connection. I’m excited about continuing my inner work with her and thoroughly recommend her. Thanks Terri!

Lisa Morgan, Melbourne Au


Terri will lead you through the mist and into your glory. And these aren’t just words. Terri is mindful of what you’re going through even in the coaching session, she’s powerfully insightful, and extremely generous! Your world wouldn’t be the same!

Maia Barghout, Emotional Intelligence Practitioner, Lebanon

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