Professional Speaker

Terri Mitchell is a poised, informative, engaging and impassioned speaker, bringing both facts and her own unique brand of "Story-Sharing" to your audience. 

Delivering keynotes and guest speaker presentations, Terri not only explores and provides meaningful insights into commonly held social beliefs, she also shares her deeply personal story of childhood trauma, abuse, bullying, and family breakdown, in a relatable style, challenging the audience, daring them to step out of their comfort zone, and step into their confidence.

As an empathetic, engaging, knowledgeable, and Inspirational Speaker, who speaks from, and gets to the heart, Terri will move your audience, through her passionate, yet poised delivery. 

From hosting her own speakers platform where she MC'd as well as delivering her own 30-minute presentation, Terri was also in the speaker lineup for 'One Woman Fearless Summit' in Sydney, 2020, with her message "Own Your Voice, Own Your Power."  

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