Courageous Women and the Business Leap of Faith

During the Global Financial Crisis, I attended a business networking event, predominantly focusing on women in their own businesses - or in some cases, in senior positions within someone else's business. The event was well organized, and certainly nailed the concept of 'networking'. We were all encouraged - even strictly told - to sit away from people we knew to be sure we stretched our networking wings, and were given ample time to hold the microphone as we did the rounds to introduce ourselves and our businesses. Overall, I had a great time, simply because the environment was so positively charged and there were lots of laughs, applause, and business cards exchanged. What struck me as so encouraging was the guts and fortitude expressed by some of the women who, in spite of the GFC causing so much financial turmoil, launched their very own businesses. From catering supplies, to graphic arts, to personal hypnotherapy, through to marketing, and a beauty salon, the ladies expressed deep conviction about their own ability, who realised that the skills they were delivering in their employee-based roles could easily and more rewardingly be transferred to their own businesses. Importantly, they did not let – for even a moment – the global upheavals in the economy slow them down. They showed great trust in themselves and passion to express true humility and inner grit. If you're only thinking about going into business for yourself, now during COVID, seriously consider it. The experience is, more often than not, richly rewarding. Hats off to those women in business I met, and to the many more I look forward to meeting in the years ahead, post-COVID.

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