What makes an Extraordinary Human Being?

Updated: Dec 15, 2020

I am prompted to write this with thoughts of people who I believe created their own extraordinary existence.

It comes to me to write it because as I sit here, I feel I am not in any way extraordinary. Yet I know from observation that to become extraordinary, I "merely" need to exert that I am passionate about something - one thing - and give my determined, undivided focus and attention to that one thing; to learn all there is, to understand it, examine it, analyse it, think about it, challenge it, explore it and begin to somehow fully comprehend it - in a way that no one else has done. This means that my own interest, input and attention will be unique to the way this one thing is interpreted. It will then allow me to claim the expertise as my own through influence and understanding, and not just a rehash of what is already in abundance about this one thing. I have not yet worked out what my one thing is. However, I am drawn here to write today as I find myself exploring the extent to which confidence influences how we approach the every day in our worlds. I recall way back in 2011 a young Jack Vidgen, who won "Australia's Got Talent", eloquently stating that the show "takes ordinary people [like him] and lets them live their dreams" (paraphrased). I am also reminded of an "regular, everyday, ordinary" woman whom I met in California in 2008. She discovered and fell in love with Facebook and other social media. The "ordinary woman" has since become elevated to extraordinary status, having presented a Ted Talk, and appearing at a 4-day seminar as a guest speaker, where other guest speakers included the Dalai Lama, Mr De Clerk, Steven Covey and Richard Branson. When I met this woman, I had reason to spend a few weeks sharing a house space with her. At the time, she was very driven and excitable and had a real love for Facebook. I didn't know her well enough to know why it was that she saw herself as the next BIG expert in social media. What I do know is that her personality made her a perfect fit for it - she even described herself as being "nosebleed" extrovert. (Very, VERY extroverted!) I am impressed with her rise to business fame, and to see her side by side with some of the greatest thinking minds on the planet. How can I not be impressed? Another seemingly ordinary woman comes to mind.

A woman who has passionately demonstrated two pretty amazing acts of love: Australian Moira Kelly had previously adopted two young boys whose bodies were severely disfigured by chemical warfare, from within their war-torn country. These boys have become quite amazing in themselves. One boy auditioned for the Australian reality talent search TV show, "X Factor" and reduced me to tears with his rendition of "Imagine" by John Lennon. Both boys actively pursue sport, and to watch them play is awe-inspiring. It was while Moira was providing these boys with love and filling them with self belief and confidence that she went on to take guardianship of two little girls who were conjoined at birth - at the head. Moira saw to it that these fragile babies received the best medical care. After intense and incredible surgery to separate their skulls, BOTH girls survived, one with some impairment but both with the chance to be loved, encouraged and filled with self belief and confidence from this most EXTRA-ordinary woman. Moira Kelly is extraordinary because of what she gives to her children. She must be extraordinary, because she was invited to greet Queen Elizabeth on the Monarch's visit to Melbourne. I am not a big monarchist, but hey, it's impressive to me. Moira was an ordinary person once upon a time, but through love, dedication, passion and unerring confidence, she elevated herself to extraordinary status. What all of this relates to is confidence and a sense of extraordinary. Extraordinary people: (1) think BIG - really big. (2) believe in themselves - totally (3) want to share their gift and skill with the world - and make a powerful contribution (4) are just ordinary people with passion, drive, determination and the ability to move beyond all set backs, and to overcome the challenges and obstacles in pursuit of their BIG dreams. You can be extraordinary. It is possible. I feel very ordinary writing this. However, I think this blog today helps to crystalize the reality - that I can become extraordinary. I just have to think BIG and believe in my own extraordinariness.

You can, too.

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