Ready to discover a deep inner feeling
of peace and self confidence? 

If old fears and anxieties stop you living your best life, imagine how your life could be if you released the past terrors and traumas, and learned how to emerge as the most confident version of you. 

Once you're free of your life's historic burdens, you can finally feel at peace, discover your confidence, and begin living life with a sense of self-assuredness, worth, and intention; unafraid to speak up and use your voice, unashamed to hold your stance and share your opinions.

That life is possible for you. 

I know, because I used to be stuck, if not in your shoes, then definitely in a pair of shoes just like them. 

You see, my world was a hot emotional mess for most of my early years.

From being sexually abused and physically beaten by family through to a frightening encounter with a pedophilic groomer who was my family's neighbour; family violence when both my parents pulled guns on each other, narrowly avoiding making me an orphan; very nearly being a victim of abduction - not just once but three times - and also attempts at suicide, enduring partner abuse, and bullying in the work place. It almost sounds like something from a Hollywood B-grade movie, yet it was my life, one trauma and confidence blow after another. 

Sad on Couch

I spent every year of my 20s (the time that is supposed to be the best years of your life) accessing out-patient mental health care, seeing various counsellors and social workers, psychologists, and community health care practitioners, just to stop me from ending it all.


Yes, my life was truly filled with unbearable pain. 

Here's what I realised:

Each one of my little reach-out efforts was in fact, part of a massive journey of personal self-awareness. 

I learned so many skills, techniques, strategies, and methods for identifying my fears, traumas and the mental "roadblocks" that were stopping me from taking charge in my life, and how to release the hold they had over me. 

Day by day, week by week, I was emerging from my inner prison, reconnecting with life, finding myself on a pathway of new experiences, and of reclaiming my worth. 

I made the bold decision to leave my job in the food industry and returned to high school to finish my final year, to improve my chances of getting into university where I studied nursing, in the field of psychiatry. Yet the yearning to do more to help others never left me, and now I am studying to gain my psychology degree.


And, every lesson I have ever learned, I now want to share with you, to help you find the courage to let go of the past, to give yourself permission to escape the Hot Mess of your world and emerge with a true sense of who you are meant to be, and who you truly want to be. 

Each session with me will help you define who you are and give you specific actionable steps to help you emerge exactly as you want the world to see you. Together, we will use the best practices tailored specifically for your individual needs, to help you identify what to do, each day, and really make massive shifts in your sense of self. 

In one session, you will practice a technique that taps into your inner child, for joy and connection. 

In another session, you will use a personal empowerment method to help eliminate stumbling blocks. 

No matter where you are on your journey to finding your confidence, you will become truly aligned with your authenticity, and unshakable in your self-worth. You will learn things about yourself in such powerful self-revelation that your focus on becoming your best YOU will be crystal clear. 

Jumping with Joy

Taking the step into Confidence Coaching does require a huge leap of faith. My Confidence Coaching is ideal for you if:

  • You want to feel free to finally be confident and self-accepting. 

  • You're ready to do what it takes to become Confident YOU.

  • You're a woman tired of living in the shadows, feeling anxious and hesitant to experience life, and craving to be that person who is self assured, confident, empowered, and ready to fully embrace life and live it on your terms.

  • You're not willing to accept another year, another month, or even another moment feeling like you'll never step outside of your inner prison. 

  • You want this, now, and you know it's time to take action!

Step Into Confident YOU Now!

I know it took me years to find the courage to break free of all that Hot Mess, to trust myself, and to dare to live my life the way I wanted to. I knew it would take time, and lots of learning and self-education, and studying. And I had so many amazing breakthroughs and revelations, and now I want to take you on the same amazing journey of self-discovery, personal growth and awareness, toward deep inner peace, self-acceptance, and a radiant sense of purpose. 

Here's what Nurturing my Confidence gave me:

  • Public speaking - from 10 to 400 people. It was not easy, I made mistakes, and I forgot my speech. I STILL did it!

  • Taking public transport without fear. 

  • Learning to drive in cities without panic.

  • Moving interstate, leaving behind everything familiar, and moving to live in a city for the first time, overcoming many fears in just this bold action.

  • Appearing on television as a background extra (represented by my agent), and as a contestant on two television quiz shows (what a bummer that I missed out on $100,000!!!)

  • Traveling to California for my very first international flight.

  • Writing my first novel. (Imagine my excitement as I sat in a creative writing class in Sydney with four well known television personalities taking the same class!!) Going on to self-publish this novel and another non-fiction. 

terri speaking scout background.jpg

You won't know how amazing your life could be unless you take action and invest in your self-worth. Isn't it time for you to step into your life and live it fully, with confident self-assuredness? Imagine the bold steps you can take, the places you could visit, the goals you can achieve, the choices you'd make with bold self-belief, as you live life on your terms! Isn't it time?  

You know that giant leap of faith I mentioned? It's not easy to dive in and just decide, sometimes.

I know, I get it.

I once lived so hesitantly that just catching a public transport bus caused my anxiety to escalate - sweaty palms, shortness of breath, sick stomach. All this over catching a bus. (I used to take a bus to school, no problem...) Little victories soon built up and before long I was taking public transport everywhere. 

So, I know it's possible to experience massive changes in life when you dare yourself, to trust in the experience, and just do it - knowing you will be a much braver, more courageous person for the next challenge that life will undoubtedly serve up. 

Are you ready to take the next step in your life? Isn't it time? 

To make this giant step easier for you, I've created three ways you can work with me:

3 sessions for
the fee of 1

12 Sessions
12 Weeks

6 Months

You know the ONE thing I understand about making this choice?


It's so hard to know who to trust these days, and especially if you've had to live with so much trauma, anxiety and, ultimately, betrayal. Oh, I so hear you on this. I used to find it so difficult to trust anyone, yet I knew if I didn't at least trust myself, and that little voice inside of me crying out for someone to listen, and to help me on my healing journey, NOTHING would have changed in my life. 

I don't want that for you.

Make the easiest step first.

Book your Coaching Connection Call with me. 

It's totally free, and it's that time where you get to ask me anything, and where we can discuss what you want out of a coaching relationship. The best thing is, you and I will know by the end of this first call whether we would work well together... Believe me, there is nothing to gain for either of us if we can't connect and feel truly safe and trusting as we build our coaching relationship. 

You can read what some of my clients have said:

Terri is open and candid. She has a funny way of dragging me far from the expected sequence of thoughts and topic which is wonderful as I got to expand my vision and perspectives. She has an intuitive ability at noticing the angles of a situation that I missed. Also she is a great initiator and unafraid to share her scars. Her fiery resilience is inspiring. She ignites people to be their best selves. I feel humbled in her presence.

Vanessa Pe


Over the past few months of working with Terri, I’ve felt supported, understood, inspired, challenged, and cared for during this time. I feel so reassured by the progress I’m making that I’ve signed up for a further six months. If you’re looking for a coach who is intuitive, straight talking, experienced and caring – you’ve found her!  I’m so glad I followed the ‘nudge’ from my intuition and reached out to Terri to see if there was a connection. I’m excited about continuing my inner work with her and thoroughly recommend her.

Lisa Morgan, Australia

I can't wait to hear from you and begin working with you as you take your steps

on this amazing journey toward your Most Confident Self.