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This is YOUR Home


The BIGGEST biophilanthropic, fund-raising, social impact movement of its kind, the  Global 365 Day Challenge  is set to change the world -- YOUR world, and the world for BILLIONS of people on this planet you and I call home. 

And it's not just about you and I, and the HUMAN population. That's what I mean by 'biophilanthropic' - we share this global planet with millions of other species, living creatures whose lives and environments are UNDER THREAT from us.

Additionally, the air you breathe, and the water you drink, and the soil from which your food is generated is at HIGH risk of pollutions. For some, there is no water to drink... IMAGINE THAT -- NO safe drinking water, at all. 

The Global 365 Day Challenge is a Global Social Impact Movement, for individuals, for teams, for schools and universities, for businesses, companies, corporations, and all levels of Governments in EVERY country of the world. It is TASK-oriented, and it is all in the commitment to achieve MASSIVE SOCIAL IMPACT across 365 CONSECUTIVE Days. It is ACTIONS to bring results, to positively change the world as we know it today. You do not have the luxury of time, or complacency. The EARTH needs YOU.

Right now, you can show your interest by liking the Facebook page so click the button. There will be updates and more information made available as we prepare to launch the Global 365 Day Challenge on January 1st 2023.